A Small Town Fashionista Summary

Just in case you wanted the CLIFFS NOTES

My love is like a great wave in the ocean, crushing me beneath its weight. My dearest felt it too, when he photographed me and my pensive looks & realized how easy it would be to hook up with—I mean, share cliche emo songs with— I mean, build a life of rainbows and lullabies with a younger, narcissistic attention-whore. Ever since we decided not to fight our forbidden love, my photoshoots have showed me hugging 84899654 brick walls and chipped-paint surfaces and fields of grain and shit. Because that, dear readers,is love.

"Oh and my ex-husband is totally not bothered & we have lulz about how I left him & the kids, who are totes fine btw bc we have JOINT CUSTODY. You all just wish you could be as open-minded as me. I do unique, free-spirited things no one else does, like hooking up with a co-worker and spending all my money at a giant corporation. I have the SOUL of a POET

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