Small Town Fashionista Summary

Here’s a summary of the last post on Small Town Fashionista’s blog about her muy caliente romance with some dude named Jerry who is old and has grey balls. She shuttered her blog last night after threatening comments were posted like MUA REPRESENT and other nonsense that while unintelligible, made more sense that her romantic ramblings.

A member of Fashionism provided this summary.

Jerry: we can’t talk any more
STF: no. we can’t. goodbye forever.
STF: hi jerry sup dog
Jerry: HI BABY!
STF: this is wrong. goodbye forever, jerry my love.
Jerry: yes. wrong. i am sorry. goodbye.
STF: oh jerry i was looking at a picture you took of me and i realized it was a sign we should be together because like one my fingers was kind of bent like a J?
Jerry: I KNOW!!!! my wife asked me if i was in love with you and i said, uh, idk, but my arms are tingling, so yeah, maybe so?!!!!!
STF: my arms are tingling too!!!!! arm tingle amour my sweet!!!!
(insert your choice of dumb song lyrics here)
(insert your choice of threatening comments here)

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